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TGH Forward Motor Mount for the TGH-V3 or GS-V4 chassis and 30% Overdrive Creeper T package
TGH Forward Motor Mount for the TGH-V3 or GS-V4 chassis and 30% Overdrive Creeper T package
TGH Forward Motor Mount for the TGH-V3 or GS-V4 chassis and 30% Overdrive Creeper T package

TGH Forward Motor Mount for the TGH-V3 or GS-V4 chassis and 30% Overdrive Creeper T package

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Exclusive Package only offered on the GSPEED Chassis website

Package includes parts pictured and listed here

- TGH forward motor mount, slipper plates, nut, washer and bearing 

- TGH Creeper T 30% overdrive transfer case with traditional scx10 three gear mounting hole pattern. Will mount to skid plates that come with GSPEED packages 

- TGH-V3 shock hoop brackets and mounting hardware

 Creeper T Specs-

  • Domestic 7075-T6  Transfer cases, black or clear
  • Case and shafts made in the U.S.A.
  • Case hardened gears
  • AX10 mounting pattern
  • 30% overdrive
  • 1.9:1 Front output ratio
  • 2.6:1 Rear output ratio
  • 29mm Short x 53mm Narrow x 15mm Thin
  • 2 oz Light
  • 2.5 x 12mm hardened pinned output gears
  • AVID RACING sealed rubber bearings
  • Greased w/ COW RC UDDER BUTTER


    • SCX10 skid plate (like skid plate in gspeed packages)
    • AXIAL AX31027 SPUR GEAR 56T 32P
    • 65mm to 75mm center drive shaft like https://supershafty.com/collections/drive-shafts/products/s4-supershafty-driveshafts?variant=32232971796574
    • M3 hardware to mount T case


- If using offset differential axles, like the AR45 and TRX4 axles you need to... 

1) Mirror the TGH-FMM motor mount. Here's an instructional video https://youtu.be/hqGZ6ldiAJo 

2) Mirror the Creeper T transfer case & mounted on driver side. Here's an instructional video https://youtu.be/v2ibIWRd9ps 

3) You must purchase the drilling jig kit for V1-C1 & TGH-V3 to layout for drilling new holes in the shock hoops to mount FWD Motor mount. https://gspeedchassis.com/products/tgh-mirrored-drilling-jig-forward-motor-mount-kit?_pos=1&_sid=c5b1d8d83&_ss=r 

4) The front upper suspension link bend will need to be rolled to the outside to avoid contact on the forward motor mount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jeff Davis
Great Product

Great product. Shipping was quick and company is great to work with.

Alexander Burton

Excellent quality,the only issue I had was that a little pin from the Creeper was missing but Gabe quickly got TGH to reach out to me and they sent out a couple replacements. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again if I ever need to.

Brett Sanderson
Great product. Exceptional customer service

Gabe is the best! Fast shipping great product and his customer service is without compare!

David P
Buttery Smooth, Simple, Reliable.

I was torn between the following options for my Class 1 build: TGH-FMM Creeper T, Vanquish VFD, and the SSD Aluminum Case SCX10 trans. My main concerns were performance, reliability, and scale points. My opinions may be unpopular, but this is what I came up with.

Vanquish VFD -
Pros: reliable (it's Vanquish), low CG motor mount and overdrive.
Cons: no divorced t-case, molded plastic (more of a preference).

Pros: Aluminum case (scale looks)
Cons: very high CG motor mount, no divorced t-case.

The Creeper T checked all boxes.
1) Performance- 30% overdrive, FMM weight bias and low CG.
2) Reliable- CNC Machined aluminum, hardened gears, incredibly smooth & quiet, with minimal parts.
3) Scale points
a) Forward motor mount
b) Can still be used with lay down servo mount (more scale points)
c) Divorced transfer case (more scale points)

All three options are relatively similar in price, the Creeper T costs the most, but is WELL worth the price tag. Machining and build quality is top notch, reliability is unmatched, and performance is better than expected. I believe the Creeper T also offers the most mounting and gearing/configuration options out of the three. Did mention how smooth and quiet it operates? Customer service is like nothing I've ever experienced. Gabe is always there for his customers!

John Weddle
Great product but…

TGH makes great products. The transfer case is super light. The forward motor mount is made well. Customer service is great. My problem is that GSPEED has a link for super shafty that is broken. The size of recommended shaft is 5mm too short. I ended up cutting a wild boar shaft.