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GSPEED Chassis TGH-V3 G10 material (rails only)

GSPEED Chassis TGH-V3 G10 material (rails only)

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CNC cut from G10 material, which is fiberglass fibers mixed with epoxy resin, compressed under high heat and pressure. G10 is commonly used for knife handles and circuit boards. 

. The TGH-V3 is a collaborated design between GSPEED and Team Garage Hack. The drastically angled skid plate allows your rig to make cleaner break overs and much cleaner exiting of competition gates. The TGH-V3 also has plenty of shock and suspension link mounting locations to adapt to your custom build and will bolt up to any aftermarket scx10 or 10ii skid plate.

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Eric Smith

GSPEED Chassis TGH-V3 G10 material (rails only)

K Rowan
TGH-V3 G10 material (rails only)

I am impressed with the rails, I believe it will work well for my set up. I am working on transferring parts over from a custom GMade 2.2/ AR60/ 4Link build I started about 8 years ago. These rails will definitely help shave a little bit of weight off my rig. This is a winter project, so when I am finished I'll send you folks a few pic's since it is a unique build.

R&H Hobbies
Taking it to the top

Gabe and the G-speed TGH products are great

shawn smith

Best customer service ever

Brandon Beebee
G10 rails

Always a pleasure to do business with. Awesome Rails, and can’t beat the price.