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G-SHOT Skid Plate
G-SHOT Skid Plate
G-SHOT Skid Plate
G-SHOT Skid Plate
G-SHOT Skid Plate

G-SHOT Skid Plate

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- G-SHOT 67mm wide, white delrin skid plate and hardware: (1) 3mm x 20mm set screw, (2) 3mm x 20mm SS button head screws, (2) 3mm x 12mm SS button head screws

Transmission mounting holes for the TGH 2.low, axial 3 gear type, Element and the TGH Creeper T

Tgh-2.low sets at 2 different angled positions to fit larger motors. 
The regular TJRC and Vader skid plates are 78mm wide. The G-SHOT skid is 67mm wide allowing for better side clearance. The G-SHOT skid plate front link mounts are close together and the rear link mounts are placed wider, close to the rails.
Moving the links closer together at the front of the skid plate reduces the roll center in the front allowing the front axle to conform to the rocks a little easier. Widening the rear links adds roll center to stabilize the the truck while climbing steep cheater lines. 

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Anderson
G shot skid

Awesome skid. Only thing I don’t like is how the front links mount. They’re always loose when installed. The rears can be clamped and tightened down so the arm/ball doesn’t move, the front cannot. I solved this buy using a 90mm M3 bolt, it passes all the way through, its no longer an issue.

John Caley

Had a great time down with G speed there, fast efficient and on point

GSpeed G-Shot Skid

The link geometry is what I was after as this skid was used in a custom build & worked out perfectly. Recommended for sure! Thanks for making rad products, much appreciated GSpeed! #takingyoutothetop

Mike Daniel
Shot skid

I sent my review and pictures with my Gshot boatsides. Great products!


Love the new design seems to articulate well but my stealth x trans did not fit directly on I had to trim a driver side upper rear link hole out due to the trans being a little too wide