G-SHOT Cheater Bed
G-SHOT Cheater Bed
G-SHOT Cheater Bed

G-SHOT Cheater Bed

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Introducing the G-SHOT Cheater Bed!!!

3D printed by TFR. A collaborative design by Tech Factory Racing and GSPEED Chassis.
The bed is for the G-SHOT Power Wagon configuration, mounted on the TGH-V3 chassis rails. Bed can also be used on a traditional cheater build with the cab forward position. Unlike the G-Bed, this G-SHOT bed doesn't require the front off the chassis rails to be cut off. From the back of the chassis rails to the front of the bed, when mounted, measures 6 1/8".

Bed weighs 98 grams


- Body post for to secure back of cab- (X2) M3 screws and standoffs.

- 3D Printed bed

Customer Reviews

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James Bailey
GSPEED flatbed

Great product, fits great and looks just as good!

Matthew Taylor

Good cheater bed for the gshot amazing fit perfect and just wish there was a cheater bed cut out for the 4ws capra axles for the gshot build would be perfect

Ruben Rivera
Good gshoot bed

Very nice and good !!👍

Eric Roehrle
G Speed Cheater bed.

The G speed Cheater bed is fantastic. It is like the regular G speed bed but has 1/2 inch additional material on the front. This moves the body forward.
The reason you want that, is a forward C/G and the tires don’t go up into the grill and the front of the body can be mounted covering the front of the frame.
FIVE stars for innovation on this product.