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Dlux Stumpy Brushless Outrunner Motor

Dlux Stumpy Brushless Outrunner Motor

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One of our all-time favorite motors is here, lighter and more compact than ever! Working with Holmes Hobbies and the wildly popular 380 Revolver, we requested something even more compact. Plus, multiple kv ratings to tune perfectly for your build!

The Stumpy has already proven itself with numerous podium spots at multiple National and World Championship events.

Performs amazing in everything from mini to super-class rigs, especially when paired with a silent esc like the Silent Assassin

14 pole, 12 slot design for smooth, powerful performance
3.175mm motor shaft (17mm protruding)
1800kv or 2200kv options
Weighs only 74.5g (2.63oz) including wires and bullet connectors
135mm wires and 4mm bullet connectors
34mm in length (mounting surface to end of can)
30mm diameter mounting face
540 mounting pattern (m3x25mm)
380 mounting pattern (m2.5x16mm)
280 mounting pattern (m2.5x14mm)

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Power house

Running two 2200s and one 1800. These are great little space saver powerful motors.