Taking You To The Top!!!

GS-V4 Chassis and Performance Parts

Introducing the GS-V4 GSPEED Chassis collection!

Evolving from the TGH-V3 

-TGH-V3 suspension links work.  (Hardcore RC GS-V4 link kit required for lowest FMM position)

-G-SHOT performance package works amazing with the GS-V4 Chassis rails.  (power wagon body will need to be trimmed due to more skid plate angle)

-Skid plate is raised 5mm

- 8° angled skid plate (V3 has 5° angled skid)

-10mm of up and down forward motor mount adjustment integrated into the chassis rails. No additional brackets needed for the TGH-FMM 

-Less chassis material in front and rear of the skid plate substantially creating more clearance 

-more front and rear upper shock mounting holes added closer to transmission 

-Front and rear G-WM winch mount holes added