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Gens Ace/Tattu Batteries and Accessories

ABOUT Grepow

Grepow is the parent company of its two leading brands, Gens Ace and Tattu. We are one of the leading lithium poymer manufacturers in China, and we focus on high capacity, high discharge rate, design, pack assemblage, and battery manufacturing. Grepow is based in Shezhen, China, but we have local offices in the USA and Germany with after-sales services available.

Gens Ace

Gens Ace is our LiPo battery brand that focuses on the remote-control market. We design and manufacture our own high discharge-rate battery packs for a whole range of RC products from cars to boats and planes, etc.


As the sister brand of Gens Ace, Tattu focuses on battery packs for drones, multimotors, and other UAVs. Tattu products are designed with high energy denstiy and high discharge rate in mind. With a high reputation in the market, our Tattu batteries can be trusted to deliver stellar performance.

Our Advantage

We have excellent local, after-sales service in the USA, and orders ship out via FedEx, UPS, or USPS from our California warehouse. Our long warranty period, pricing, and stable performance allow us to be competitive in various markets. We keep our energy density high and IR low in order to deliver quality products and push you to that final lap around the track or provide you a more stable flight. You can trust in our multiple factories and hundreds of engineers to provide reliable performance and follow safety standards (ISO9001, ISO14001).

One-Stop Service

With 20+ years of experience, we are confident in our ability to offer extensive services and reliable solutions for our clients' projects. If your company needs customized or special solutions, look no further. Email us at info@grepow.com