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CP43 Front axle housing, bearings, shafts, servo mount and panhard mount
CP43 Front axle housing, bearings, shafts, servo mount and panhard mount
CP43 Front axle housing, bearings, shafts, servo mount and panhard mount

CP43 Front axle housing, bearings, shafts, servo mount and panhard mount

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Key Features:

  • One Piece construction
  • Machined from 7075 Aluminum
  • Increased Caster Angle to 20° for improved steering without side effects of leaning them too far back. (Most Stock is 8°)
  • Externally Limited to 50° of side to side steering, but easily modified for more should you desire. (5° over stock Capra/10.3 axles)
  • Ability to run 3 link with Panhard as a drop in replacement for a 10.3 axle.
  • OR Run 4 link with CMS
  • OR Run 4 link with AMS


  • CP43's are a Custom Axle Dimension.
  • They are slightly wider than Axial 10.3 (about 1/4")
  • They are a good bit narrower than Axial Capra


  • Our housings will come with top Axle shafts, because nobody is making this size width.
  • Also, our Capra Knuckles will work with them, as well as Axial 10.3 and Capra Style portal knuckles from other manufactures.
  • Drop in compatibility with stock and Stock Upgrade Knuckle parts.
  • Ability to run Stock Plastic Knuckles
  • Or Upgrade to CP44 Knuckles, these include Aluminum gear covers. (Less than 2oz)
  • Brass CP44 Knuckles Optional, these include Aluminum gear covers. (5oz)
  • Stock, or Stock Replacement Portal covers, will not fit our Knuckles.
  • Custom Bolt on Panhard option with included 4th link mount.
  • Custom Bolt on BAMS (Behind Axle Mounted Servo)

    Included in Steering axle package:

    • 1 Axle housing
    • 1 Axle center section
    • 2 differential bearing retainers
    • Hardware
    • Jim's Bearings
    • 2 x Capra/10.3 Style Stub shafts
    • Steering Axle Includes 2 x Universal Axle shafts
    • Steering Axle Includes 1 x 6mm Rise 4th link/Panhard mount
    • Steering Axle Includes 1 x Behind Axle Servo Mount


    • Capra/AR44 Style Spool
    • Capra/AR44 Style Ring and Pinion Gears 
    • Capra/10.3 Style Portal Box Gears 
    • Capra/10.3 Style Knuckles (For Steering version) 
    • CP43 Steering Links

    Warranty from SuperShafty

    • These carry a 2 Year Bombproof guarantee against Defects and Accidental breakage. We are confident in our design and product and we want you to be too.
    • We know you guys are going to beat on them. So If something happens to them, We'll replace. (Does not apply to Abuse)
    • YOU MUST run a washer between the Traxxas Ball end, and the link mount, if you are running aftermarket links with the Revo Rod ends. The Traxxas Ball end is slightly narrower than the Axial one. If you don't run this washer, when you tighten the link, it will flex the link mount to be like this /  \ and this will void a warranty breakage at this part of the housing.
    • Cracked link mounts because of the above issue, will not be covered under the warranty. 

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